About the Artist

I was born Richard Lynn Kampas in Des Moines, Iowa near the Des Moines River. My soon to be Father Robert Goetting adopted us kids and we became a family as I became Rick Goetting. I decided as I continued painting as an adult; I would sign all of my paintings R Kampas as an acknowledgement of my heritage. Hence my pen name.

I have a passion for the great outdoors, rock walls, gardening, skiing, and fishing. I enjoy the wonders of the natural world. The wild shouts the silence and beauty of the land and it shouts volumes. Quite a lot of my paintings are places I have visited or lived near. These wild beautiful places can touch our souls.

Art is to be enjoyed. It has a different meaning to everyone making each response unique.

My paintings should be considered impressionistic, surrealistic, and sometimes realistic.

Thanks for coming and enjoy,
Rick Goetting